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Employers Who Fail To Keep Accurate Wage Records Face Huge Penalties

Employers who fail to keep accurate wage records face huge penalties

Employer Advisors is warning businesses of the importance of keeping accurate time and wage records after a former service station operator was penalised almost $100,000 for giving fraudulent documents to Fair Work inspectors.

Peter Dagher, who ran the Caltex service station at Five Dock in Sydney, was fined $16,038, while his company copped an additional penalty of $80,198, after admitting to falsifying records of the wages paid to six migrant workers.

The penalties were imposed by the Federal Circuit Court and are the biggest relating solely to record-keeping and pay slip breaches.

Mr Dagher initially gave investigators one set of wage records, but when he was asked for bank and superannuation details, they didn’t match with the original documents.

He admitted in court that the inconsistency was the result of falsified records.

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from Employer Advisors said business owners who engage in wage theft and then cover it up by falsifying records are taking enormous risks.

“When you’re going out of your way to create dodgy records, you’re going to be in a world of trouble when the Fair Work Ombudsman comes knocking,” he said.

“All it takes is for one of your staff to complain, and you could find yourself in court facing huge penalties just like this guy.”

Since last September, the penalties for creating false time and wage records have increased with the introduction of new laws to protect vulnerable workers.

“Mr Dagher’s breaches happened in 2016, so he was lucky to be pinged for just one hundred grand,” Mr Heffernan said.

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