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Employer Advisors offer a range of services and advice for employers from negotiating the termination of employees, to representing businesses in conciliation processes and formal litigation in various tribunals, courts and commissions, including the Fair Work Commission.

We can also help with under-performing staff, compliance issues and workplace investigations and can help you defend claims of discrimination or sexual harassment.

Defending Unfair Dismissal

Dismissing an employee can end up costing your business big money and tie you up in protracted legal fights if the process is not handled correctly from the start.

Too many cases of unfair dismissal end up in the Fair Work Commission or similar state bodies for determination.

It is vitally important that employers follow correct procedures and processes when moving to terminate an employee, to protect themselves against claims of unfair dismissal.

Our expert team at Employer Advisors can help your business negotiate the minefield that can be associated with terminating an employee, to avoid the common pitfalls which often see companies forced to pay expensive compensation or be made to reinstate troublesome employees.

Even companies with their own HR departments often get it wrong, and would benefit from expert guidance to effectively manage out an under performing or unsatisfactory employee.

The sooner you get advice from Employer Advisors on 1300 853 837 the more likely you will end up with the outcome you want.

Defending a General Protections claim involving dismissal

Too many employers fall into the trap of dismissing an employee unlawfully, but firing them after they have exercised a workplace right protected under law.

This could mean dismissing an employee because they have made an inquiry about their working conditions, or it could involve dismissing them based on a form of discrimination, such as pregnancy status, race or religion.

These forms of dismissal are unlawful, and can open an employer to uncapped remedies and expensive court action.

If you are planning to manage a troublesome employee, and you want to avoid messy and costly legal complications, it is important to seek expert advice as early as possible in the process from Employer Advisors on 1300 853 837.

Under-performing staff

If you put off managing a difficult situation with staff, it is only likely to get worse.

Don’t hold off seeking expert advice from Employer Advisors on 1300 853 837 and our friendly staff will give you the tools to change the behaviour, or if necessary, manage a fair termination.


It is a requirement for all business – large and small – to ensure compliance with Modern Awards and the Fair Work Act.

Our expert team can advise your business how to stay on track and keep within the law.

Workplace investigations

Whether you need to investigate financial irregularities or inappropriate workplace behaviour, our experts will be able to establish what really happened, and advise the best way forward for your business.

Discrimination and sexual harassment

Defending claims of discrimination and sexual harassment is extremely important, because they can often result in expensive compensation payouts.

Education is key to prevent such claims arising, and our experts at Employer Advisors can help train your staff about these issues, and we can also defend claims on your behalf.

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