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Boss Comes Under Fire For Advertising Job With Wrong Pay Rate

Boss comes under fire for advertising job with wrong pay rate

A Victorian-based hospitality boss has been slammed on social media for advertising a position for bar staff offering the wrong pay rate.

The ad, which was placed on Gumtree, is offering a casual position in a Frankston outlet with an hourly rate of $21 an hour for two nights a week, instead of the correct rate of $24.41 as outlined in the Hospitality Industry Award 2010.

The ad appearing on Gumtree.

The ad has drawn the criticism of the union-backed Hospo Voice group, which has written about it on its Facebook page, describing it as another example of an employer “trying to get away with stealing staff wages!”

“Hospo Voice members are sick of bosses stealing from us.  We’re going to make sure wage theft if criminalised.”

Miles Heffernan, from Employer Advisors, said even if it was an innocent mistake, posting ads like this are a big business risk.

“Not only are you drawing the attention of the Fair Work Ombudsman, but you also risk being exposed by union groups who will do everything in their power to name and shame you and your business,” he said.

The name of the business is not shown on the Gumtree ad, but there is a telephone number and name of a person to contact about the position.

Mr Heffernan said there is no excuse for any employer to not know their legal workplace obligations.

“The Fair Work Ombudsman has some fantastic resources online which gives employers all the information they need when it comes to the different awards and correct rates of pay,” he said.

“If you cannot afford to pay your workers their proper wages and entitlements, then you shouldn’t be in business.

The United Voice Union is still calling for wage theft to be made a criminal offence, and for bosses who rip off their workers to be jailed.

If you are having trouble paying your employees their proper wages and entitlements, or need advice about your legal obligations, please call our friendly staff at Employer Advisors on 1300 853 837.

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