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Employer Advisors is part of the Supportah Network, and operates throughout Australia supporting employers, contractors and sole traders to achieve their workplace relations goals from our head office in Brisbane.

Our Approach: When we represent you, it is for keeps

When we support you – we support you.

If you need representation to take on a troublesome employee, or a union, or need help to defend a claim in a court, commission or tribunal, we will be there for you.

As a business, you don’t want to be tied up in expensive and time consuming litigation or protracted negotiations, and that’s where we can help.

Our expert team will advise the best course of action moving forward to ensure your matter is resolved to your satisfaction in a timely and cost effective way.

Our Approach: We are open-minded

Whether your problem involves under-performing staff, discrimination, sexual harassment, unfair dismissal, or misappropriation of funds – we have seen it all.

Employer Advisors are experts in dealing with all sorts of workplace issues, so no matter what you’re dealing with, we can help.

The sooner you contact us, the better chance we have to solve your matter quickly and cost effectively.

Our Approach: We have the right expert for you

Employer Advisors has a team of consultants, strategists and lawyers who are experts in the Fair Work Act and understand workplace issues intimately.

Sometimes you don’t need a lawyer to manage a workplace problem, and it can instead be handled by one of our consultants or strategists, saving you expensive fees.

We can also engage the services of accountants, executive coaches, human resources professionals, or even public relations representatives or journalists to make sure your case is handled in the best way possible.

Whatever your issue, we have the right expert for you to help you achieve your goals, at an affordable price.

Our Approach: Resolution through effective communication

At the heart of what we do in supporting you to resolve your industrial relations problem is to use an effective communication strategy.

This might involve dealing directly with an employee, or their representatives, and could also involve representing you in a court or commission or tribunal.

Our goal is to negotiate fair and appropriate settlements quickly to resolve workplace issues to your satisfaction, but on rare occasions, it may be necessary to take a matter to trial.

We will communicate with you during every step of the process to make sure you understand what’s involved, and what you are likely to expect as we work to resolve your workplace issue.

Our Approach: Fixed-Price billing wherever possible

We do not operate on an hourly-billing pricing model.

Wherever possible, we will give you a fixed-fee quotation.

We also negotiate a small success fee, where allowable by law.

For a no-obligation quote, please click here.

We take major credit cards, direct debit and also pre-paid vouchers for individuals (or organisations that are not credit assessed).

We can also offer flexible and staged payment arrangements for those with limited budgets.

For more information call Employer Advisors on

1300 853 837


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